Lioness Celebrates Her Blue Tick

Homegirl is finally varified on the gram

By  | Dec 23, 2020, 04:50 PM 

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Lioness is closing off 2020, up a notch, a queen never rests right and stop queening? The musician has just announced that she is verified on Instagram and she is on cloud nine.

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The blue tick is a big deal to celebrities because it confirms that the account belongs to the real celeb and not an impersonator. Celebrating the milestone she posted a snap of her sitting on a long and stunning couch with balloons written Verified.

Lioness has BEEN winning this year. The star shot fame with her music career a few years ago and she had solidified herself as a respected female rapper in the country.

After having achieved so much in his lifetime, it's hard to believe that homegirl in her twenties. Over the years, the rapper has cut her teeth in numerous Art avenues including, rapping, her clothing line and she is also a medical doctor.

Lioness and her boyfriend recently celebrated their 1st anniversary. Lioness posted a series of Instagram stories with her bae looking smitten. In one video she is seen laying on her boyfriend's back. looking all loved-up and cute. The lovebirds also painted a portrait of Lioness.

Her birthday was worth a celebration as this year she also experienced some turbulence. This follows as Lioness was recently involved in a car accident. Taking to social media to detail the accident, Lioness said she will be taking some time off to rest. In a tweet, she said no one was badly injured. The singer said she was on her way back from the clinic when a tire burst and the vehicle rolled three times.

The accident reminded her that life is too short and she cautioned her followers to be safe. Lioness shared pictures of the vehicle overturned. The singer had previously set tongues wagging after she took to social media to share about an unfortunate incident she encountered. The rapper posted a picture of her car tyre punctured and asked if someone wanted her dead or not? Lioness captioned the snap "Y'all want me dead now or what?

Following her post, some fans slammed her for her car tyres and said they are old. A tweep replied to her post, "That tyre looks tired itself man. Just replace it." Lioness replied and said she has a spare, "What's tired is.. no let me not, I have DUH"

Congratulations Lioness.

Image Cred: Instagram @Lioness
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