Lioness And Exit Hit The Studio

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By  | Aug 26, 2021, 02:34 PM 

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Consider your prayers answered if you've been secretly praying for a Lioness and Exit collaboration. It appears the musicians are cooking up a storm in the studio and we cannot wait to hear what they have in store for us.

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This follows after Exit took to his Twitter account to share a picture of them in the studio. He captioned the picture, "She's not a girl, She’s not a line, She’s not a girl that can ever be defined, she is levitation and she represents @lionessnam #TheSilence," he wrote.

Exit hardly ever fails to deliver with his collaborations. In the past few months, he's collaborated with several artists including King Tee Dee and Manxebe.

His followers took to the comments section to react to the picture and share how excited they are about the two in-studio together.

Rkeekaakunga "This will be FIRE I just know it!"
Bonglaz_official "Things like that' ngaa ngeno @lionessnam."
Kayman_thebaddguy "Good tings coming I see."

Exit is expected to release his much-anticipated album titled The Silence end of this month. The album's cover art recently trended on social media after social media users claimed it was copied and they slammed the designer behind the mishap.

Exit then said his team is working on a new album cover. "We are currently busy with the new cover. With my face on it, coz I’m more famous than that skull that @abed_jona  found. Can I be left in peace and the harmony that I deserve now? See you in stores this end of August and thanks again for pushing #TheSilence Album!!”

The musician recently hogged the headlines after he was accused of stealing a beat but Fossy apologized to him. "Resolved. Exit not to blame for beat stealing. We blame the producer for reselling the beat. Salute and respect to the kwaito legend"

He also said, "...However he is cautioned against using the beat without permission. Salute the Kwaito legend. Much love to all Namibian artists, producers, and music fans." A few months ago Exit, and Samuel Ngodji partnered up with Living The Dream Records to create an amazing album titled Die Hele Box. The album was a major success, but there was already some drama surrounding the album's logo.

The artists have accused him of stealing the branding and not paying them. Exit apparently claimed he would compensate them a whopping 30k but he did not honor his promise. This prompted artists to call them out on social media. In a fiery post on Instagram, one of the artists decided to put them on blast for not paying them "I hope Exit nd Samwele benefited from our brand without compensating us in any way." he shared.

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