"Life Is Putting Pressure On Me"

Get Lich breaks his silence

By  | Jul 28, 2021, 10:30 AM 

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Get Lich, a.k.a. Paulus Njambi, is arguably one of the country's most famous musicians. The musician rose to fame a few years ago and he has become a household name with a legion of fans. His signature hip-hop swag has also stolen the hearts of many people across the country. Among the things, his fans like about Get Lich are his sense of humor and lyrics. 

Recently, the musician has been keeping a low profile, leaving fans wondering what he ha has been up to.

He shared a video with The Namibian Sun that updated his fans on his career and what he plans to do. According to Get Lich, people have been asking for him to release an album.

"I receive a lot of calls from people saying I should release an album. People should expect to see me giving more hope and inspiration and courage and they must see me releasing the album soon and performing around the country. They should see me collaborating with big brands such as Top Score."

He shared that things have been hard lately, "Due to the money strain life is putting pressure on me. I have struggled to find an answer to how I should manage to do this. It is hard but we will get through it one day,” he said. He also pleaded with his followers to adhere to the COVID-19 regulations to stay safe.

The musician collaborated with Top Score Namibia in 2020 on a commercial that left many people in awe. His Twitter followers praised his humor and congratulated him on landing the impressive gig.
He topped the Twitter trends list, as many people gave him his flowers. Last year he caused a stir on social media after a video of him flaunting money went viral on social media. The video was supposedly a clip from his new music video but it ruffled feathers as he was flaunting luxurious things that money can buy.

He was heard singing a song and throwing money around. Additionally, he showed off a watch worth a million dollars. The 46-second clip started trending almost instantly for all the wrong reasons. 

He got criticized for showing off so much money on social media as the Bank of Namibia has stated that as illegal. They have mentioned before that citizens should refrain from posting pictures and videos of Namibian dollar notes on social media as it violates Section 25 of the Bank of Namibia Act, 1997 (Act No.15 of 1997), as amended.

Despite most people criticizing the rapper for the video, there were a few that supported him. His fans were happy to see him act like his true self. The rapper does have a loyal fan following of people who respect him and his music. 

One of the people defending him was Michael Amushelelo. He posted a picture of the rapper sitting in a Mercedez Benz holding two huge wads of cash with the caption “Your English is A+ but your account is on minus. Fluency in a language is not a measure of intelligence. Respect to my N*gga @my_n*gga_getrich please follow him.”

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