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By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Kp Illest 

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KP Illest has such a generous heart full of love for everyone around him and those far. Mr Okay okay has lately embarked on a journey of giving back to those less unfortunate and we cant help but admire his efforts in making the world a better place.

Recently, the rapper who had brought in Nigerian singer Ice Prince Zamani announced on his social media timeline that he will be donating pads to the AFRIYAN Namibia and in extension to the young ladies in the Kavango East Region. In a heartfelt message on Instagram he expressed his reasons for being part of the initiative.

"This is not about gender and if what is free for who then this other one should be free, No! This is about Humanity, your fellow humans are in need and that same energy we have when we give those less fortunate let’s use it to help our future leaders, the future wives of our children and the future mothers of our grand children, when I heard that some of these girls use newspaper or leaves it broke my heart!

This is a call to everyone I know join us and let’s head to UN House or NYC with at least one pack of pads but the more the merrier, on Friday and show them that they gonna need more space! Together we can do better that’s all of us," read the post.

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Today, KP Illest and Miss Namibia 2018 as well as his friend and fellow musician Skrypt headed over to the UN House. The singer posted a picture with the the personalities with the caption that also urged the public to help donate what they can.

"I pulled up at UN House with some friends and we did the do! Join us and stand with the #freeflowcampaign and @afriyan_namibian in trying to restore dignity to our females in less fortunate situations!  Thanks to @skryptmusic and thanks to Selma Kamanya for literally answering the call, you guys are stars. If you’d like to donate please don’t hesitate to head down to the UN House or the NYC in Windhoek west, any number of pads will help and once the target is reached for Kavango East, they will be distributed to other needy areas! Join us in spreading the spirit of #Ubuntu," read the post.

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