KP Illest Working On Education Campaign for Gender Based Violence

By  | Oct 13, 2020, 03:29 PM 

KP Illest has shared on social media that he is working on a comprehensive education campaign to educate men on gender based violence. He stated that he stands with women and that the campaign may not address all issues related to gender based violence but it's a start.

''We are working on an educative campaign for our young men, this is not going to solve the problem I know but it will address a probable cause.'' he tweeted.

Namibia is currently riddled with cases of men raping, murdering and abusing women. There have been a few documented cases of human trafficking too. KP Illest's initiative may help raise awareness and curb gender based violence cases in Namibia.
KP's move is applaudable especially with protests going on against gender based violence in Namibia. The details are still not out yet on what exactly he is doing but we will keep you updated as soon as he reveals them.