KP Illest Turns Hater Into A Fan

KP uses music to make a fan love him

By  | Oct 27, 2020, 09:08 AM 

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When a Twitter user questioned why KP Illest won the Male Artist of Year Award and "Who'' he is the rapper swiftly responded to the tweep and suggested he listened to his music to get acquainted to KP's sounds.

KP Illest even offered to give the ''hater'' a case of Predator energy drink, which he is an ambassador of if they agreed to listen to his music. After a mature discussion and an exchange of KP Illest music, the rapper shared screenshots of a conversation between him and his new fan after the fan admitted he slept KP Illest's music and that he was the ''biggest'' KP Illest fan after listening to some of his song. ''Probably your number one support.'' shared the fan.

There is no questioning KP Illest's lyrical prowers He is somewhat of an musical sensation and a cross over pop star in Namibian terms, he just doesn't cater to hip-hop fans only and he makes hits too.

While we are at it, can KP send us a case of Predator Energy? What did you think of the exchange between KP Illest and his new fan?
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