King Tee Dee Joins #ShutitalldownNamibia protests

After the public begged him to.

By  | Oct 12, 2020, 01:32 PM 

After countless amounts of please and calls from social media for him to join the gender based violence protests happening in Namibia. King Tee Dee has joined the #shutitdownNamibia peaceful protest.  The protest was organised to march against the brutal and senseless killing of women in Namibia.

King Tee Dee says he has been in talks with the Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare in Namibia but all his talks were fell on deaf ears. ''I been in talks with the ministers of Gender for years always asking her to take it up, Until today they never got back to me. But it's never too later for them,'' he shared on Twitter.

King Tee Dee called on women not to protect men who abuse them. He also highlighted that men need to stop comiting gender based violence. ''Stop Gender Based Violence,'' he tweeted.

Namibian youth organised themselves and started a peaceful demonstration since 01 October 2020 to put an end to femicide, gender based violence and the rape of women in Namibia. The youth have demanded the government take necessary steps to ensure Namibian women are protected.  The police ended up attacking and wounding women, men and children who were at the protest on Saturday 10 October 2020. The police authoritise stated that they were provoked by the unarmed protesters and that is why they fired teargas and rubber bullets at them. However, social media posts and accounts from protestors argued that the police intimidated them.

The protestors have so far gotten international attention with news agencies such as Al Jazeera, BBC and CNN have all covered how the police were attacking the protestors.