Kanibal Retires From Doing Music

Artist says he fell out of love with the music

By  | Oct 23, 2020, 03:30 PM 

Namibia's most celebrated hip-hop icon and music legend Kanibal has announced he is retiring from releasing

In a lengthy Facebook post he thanked those who worked with him in the past and his fans for supporting him over the years. '' I always told myself that the day it doesn't excite me anymore, I shall stop, and not force it. That day arrived over a year ago, I just refused to accept it,'' he shared.

He however said he is only retiring from releasing music but will still produce and collaborate with artists and creatives who want to work with him. ''I will continue to produce, perform, and collaborate, I just won't be recording or releasing my own music anymore. If you supported me in ANY way, or collaborated with me, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.'' he added on his Facebook post.

Kanibal is well known for his music but he has also helped musicians such as the late Catty Cat, Jericho, Pardox, Desmond, D-Jay, KK and much more get their start in the music industry in Namibia.

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