Kaboy Kamakili Shows Off His Child

Congratulations are in order

By  | Aug 06, 2021, 01:20 PM 

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Controversial musician Kaboy Kamakili has taken to his Instagram page to show off his family.

It has become a new norm for new celebrity parents, to hide their newborns for a few months until they feel ready to show them on social media. Kaboy who is also private about his love life opted for that.

While many of us didn't assume that he was a father, he caught us off guard and let the cat out of the bag. The musician took to his Instagram account to give his followers a glimpse of the most adorable snap where he is with his family and it is just everything. His baby is all grown up now and they look amazing with his baby mama.

He captioned the adorable snap "Life is too short to argue and fight. Count your blessings. Love the friends and family that are always there. Smile more often. Make the most of every day. That's my firstborn my people."

The musician recently deleted numerous pictures from her Instagram account. "Firstly I would like to apologize to all my fans for the silence. I very much needed to take time out for myself as we all had bad days and it was one of those times for me.

But yet your boy is back and I am here to continue the legacy that God has placed in my hands. Please do keep me in your prayers and let's continue working together as I need your guys to support to make it happen. A happy new month and a fresh start.

Kaboy recently shocked everyone when he revealed that he was quitting the music industry. In a tweet, he said the industry is toxic and he would be quitting to finish his studies.

"Hello my people, I'm quitting music, I have given up, the industry is ubungozi ,umona wabo. Exit okwati (SHUNENI KOSKOLA UUMENU NYE NGE INAMTOLA) so I'm going back oshiima mboli kashipu.Thanks to everyone who supported @kaboy_kamakili," he tweeted.
It seems Kaboy will soon be releasing an album as soon as he has been using the #AlbumComingOutSoon to promote his upcoming album. There are a number of musicians who are set to release their  albums soon. DJ Castro is also set to release his album in October. Gazza was expected to drop his last week but he shared a statement saying that his mind and spirit were not in the right place to release this important body of work after losing his loved ones.

"It is with great sadness and disappointment that I have decided to postpone the release of my album Messiah. My mind, spirit, and energy is not in the right place to release such a personal body of work. This comes after the loss of close relatives in a short period of time. My heart goes out to everyone dealing with grief ad mental health challenges during this pandemic. I will be using the following two weeks to focus on my family and allow my energy and spirit to get up to the right place," he shared.

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