Kaboy Challenges Manxebe

He has thrown major shade at him again

By  | May 17, 2021, 02:23 PM 

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Kaboy Kamakili and Manxebe's beef is clearly not coming to an end very soon. This is as Kaboy continues to throw major bombs at Manxebe leaving him speechless. It is unclear what triggered his fiery Instagram story this time around but it has gotten many fans talking. This follows after Kaboy took to his Instagram stories to take a swipe at the Vuuma hitmaker again.

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The musician lambasted Manxebe and publicly challenged him saying if he thinks he is the best then they should meet in the studio. He also mocked about his car, this follows after Manxebe recently shared that throughout his successful music career, he has been able to acquire two cars.
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The musicians are one of the country's most loved young male artists. They have been dubbed musician geniuses in their own respective careers. It is no secret that the entertainment industry is known for being a dog-eat-dog world and musicians often compete, and exchange nasty words, and the two are no stranger to that.

Many social media users suspect that Kaboy is jealous of Manxebe due to how great he is doing in the industry. This is not the first time the musicians are at loggerheads. Just recently Manxebe took to his Instagram stories to brag about the fruits of his labor. The musician said he has owned two cars at the age of 21 years old, but instead of celebrating his success, Kaboy took a jab at him  "At least I had Lowkey owned 2 cars this year at the age of 21, so let the hustle continues," he wrote.

Kaboy then went on his Instagram stories and seemingly alleged that Manxebe is talking too much. "I'm like a 2pack Not Zama Vadekweta they just Kamakili komoho he just press," He then posted another Instagram story shading him "Keep hustling to buy cars," followed by laugh emojis.

Manxebe has been working on promoting his latest album with Top Cheri. The two recently released their much-anticipated album titled Ghetto Love. Taking to their respective social media accounts, the duo teased fans with an upcoming music video of Ghetto Love.

Will the two ever eat the humble pie?

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