Issa Celebration For Sharon Tjimbundu

She has achieved a huge milestone

By  | Sep 20, 2021, 06:19 PM 

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Being a public figure sometimes means having an impressive social media following because it enables you to reach the next level of your brand. Sharon Tjimbundu couldn't be happier after reaching 100k Instagram followers, and she took to the social media platform to share the exciting news.

Aww. Sharon really knows how to win in life. Well, that's how she rolls. She's all about that "another day, another slay" life. She posted a video of herself walking in front of a beautiful house to celebrate this achievement. She looked absolutely gorgeous as always.

She captioned the video "Celebrating 100k followers!!! Thank you guys for rocking with my vibe throughout these years. Comment down below where are you from and why you followed me

Sharon is no stranger to controversy. She is constantly accused of several things but she manages to keep her head high up and mize everything. This year she trended after many accused her of being the woman who was left in Etosha. In an interview on The Tribe rubbished claims that it was her.

"It wasn't me. It was so funny because I just woke up one day and friends were calling me saying why am I always trending and my heart started beating fast because I am always paranoid it makes me so anxious, so the moment they sent me that I was shocked. But when I read it I was relieved because it wasn't me. I was never in Atosha and there is no proof that I was there. "

Her life is constantly surrounded by drama and she has revealed how she deals with it. "A lot of the times I just ignore things because people feel like that's the right thing to do and they want a reaction out of me and I am not the kind of person who entertains social media scandals or drama"

Sharon who recently launched her own YouTube channel says she would like to be an entrepreneur. "Not that I am turning 25 years old, I really want to branch into being an entrepreneur in the beauty industry. I feel like the opportunities are endless for me and in 5 years I will change”

Last year she hogged the headline after 700 Instagram users saw her nudes and she said she needs to make better choices.

“I hate myself and my life right now. I swear I wanna die right now. I was not aware of what was happening, because I was half asleep. I cannot control other people's actions and I need to make better choices,” she said.

Congratulations Sharon.

Image Cred: Instagram
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