Inno Morolong Drags Gigi Lamayne For Following Her Man

She has called her out about her alleged thirst

By  | Nov 23, 2021, 08:45 PM 

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Social media has been abuzz since yesterday after club host Inno Morolong, went on an Instagram rant to call out rapper Gigi Lamayne, for allegedly wanting every man she dates.

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The club host came out with guns blazing to slam Gigi for following her man Fermi Large on Instagram. In a series of stories on Instagram, she warned her about her alleged thirst.

“I've never met this girl but she's after every man I date. Wtf do you want from me? I even blocked you but you are busy going after me with your struggling rap career. Why you after my boyfriend? You want our drama to start again? "I will finish you, gogo," she ranted.

“Gigi if you want a boxing match I will give you one. Just because you are a sangoma, doesn't mean everyone is scared of you. Nna ketlao betsa o nyele s**be. I'm still waiting for you to reply ... wtf you following my man {for} you hungry a*s h**e. My man doesn't even follow you but wena o busy moghel. I thought you were busy with leftovers.”

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