Immanuel 'Imms' Nashinge Appears In Court

He is accused of making defamatory remarks against Betty Davids

By  | Mar 11, 2021, 12:47 PM 

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According to The Namibian, the Windhoek Magistrate Court has postponed Immanuel 'Imms' Nashinge's case to 27 May 2021. The spokesperson of Independent Patriots for Change appeared in court recently on a count of crimen injuria laid against him by socialite Beata Siteketa, better known as Betty Davids.

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This follows after he reportedly called Betty a prostitute. The star dragged him to court last week and sued him for N$40 000 for the slandering comments he made. Imms was also called to unconditionally retract his statement and apologize to Betty for his defamatory remarks.

Betty was apparently called a prostitute in a WhatsApp group with regards to a flyer shared on social media of an interview Betty recently had with Nungula Uaanjja of Namibian Investment Promotion Agency about investments.

The socialite opened a case of crimen injuria against him and the state alleges that Imms tainted Betty's reputation. This follows after he accused Betty of being a prostitute and for apparently sleeping with older men.

Twitter users recently reacted to Betty suing him.

@leevi_immanuel tweeted, "Betty Davids doesn't want nonsense. We should really learn to stay out of people's lives. It's just a matter of time before we witness someone being sued here for insulting people with their parents and cyberbullying."

@ShadowsOfWolf_ tweeted, "Imms insinuating that Betty is unqualified is actually funny because she’s at least five times more academically qualified than him. I hope she teaches this misogynist who resorts to calling women “prostitutes” in an attempt to shame & degrade them, a lesson he’ll never forget."

Betty is one of the country's social media darlings. Her content on social media steals the hearts of many people whenever she shares it on her platforms. Sis is set to walk down the aisle and say "I do," to her baby daddy.

The big news was revealed by Dillish Mathews, who flaunted a wedding invitation she received from Betty David recently. The wedding invite was seemingly delivered to Dillish's house and she said she cannot wait to attend the highly-anticipated wedding.

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