"I Went Through The Same Thing" - Nangula Nanyemba

The supermodel speaks on the Naturale scandal.

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM 

Earlier in the week, skincare brand Naturale was slammed by a model for their unprofessionalism when she queried about late payment.  A heated exchange between the founder of the renowned skincare brand Giuliana Sheehama and model Uatjiri Mbaisa, has captured the attention of supermodel Nangula Nanyemba who also spoke out about her ordeal.

The well-known supermodel and personality has distanced herself from the local skincare brand after the payment saga erupted. Nanyemba detailed her experiences which are similar to everyone else's, in her Instagram stories.

"If it helps, I went through the same thing and I am sorry" She said.

She then added, ” I also encountered tension. It was a very difficult working relationship as I also received some very colorful messages.”

She asked the brand to take down her pictures from social platforms, as she is implicated in them.

The scandal started when model Uatjiri Mbaisa shared heated screenshots of her exchange with the skin care brand. In the screenshots, verbal abuse is evident as the owner Sheehama cusses and shouts at the model for demanding what's rightfully hers.

The verbal contractual agreement was made between the two parties, however the brand did not seem to stick to their word and pay the model for her services.

Others have since came out to share their ordeals with the brand, including musician Sean K, who said she too has not received any payment till this day.
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Picture credit: Instagram (@nangulananyemba)