Dillish To Walk Down The Aisle Soon

Meet her new bae!

By  | Apr 01, 2021, 09:51 AM 

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Dillish Mathews is one of Namibia's favorite IT girls in the entertainment industry. The stunner shot fame when she was the first Namibian housemate on Big Brother reality TV show and she emerged victoriously and won a whopping $300 000.

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Ever since she won the competition, homegirl has never looked back and failed to impress. She continues to build her fan base on social media and through numerous projects she involves herself in. What many like about her is her tell-it-like it is attitude and her funny personality she often reveals on social media.

The media personality might be walking down the aisle soon as she has stolen the heart of American Youtuber That Fire. This follows after the Youtuber saw a
clip of Dillish, opening a bottle of beer and he was left in awe of her impressive skills to open the bottle.

The clip was shared by Dilllish recently when she was on a vacation in Dubai. This follows after had ordered alcohol in a hotel she was staying at but they did not bring a bottle opener to her room.

Dillish just became ghetto and proved that she does not need a bottle opener but she can utilize her teeth. The star opened the bottle with her teeth and threw the cap away. The Youtuber was left shocked and impressed by how she opened the bottle.

That Fire said Dillish is wife material, and he is definitely proposing to her. Halala, that's our girl, always stealing hearts with her lovable personality.

Dillish's fans took to the comments on the reaction video posted by the Youtuber on Youtube to praise their very own.
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Dillish recently revealed that she has found new love and said her mystery boyfriend has been persuading her for 7 years and she has finally decided to give him a chance.

"When you finally give the guy who wanted you for 7 years a chance. Princess treatment thereby bae," she captioned an Insta story.

Sis is head over heels in love with her bae and it seems she has found true love. Just recently she posted a bouquet of flowers she received from him and thanked him "Thank you baby," She was also spoiled rotten after her bae paid for her vacation in Dubai.

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