Gazza-Milli Concert Secures Top Security

Gazza-Milli Concert Secures Top Security

Jun 14, 2019, 01:47 PM

Kwaito star Gazza Shiimi has secured top security for his upcoming concert 'Gazza-Milli' taking place at Sam Nujoma stadium on the 3rd of August in Windhoek.

Speaking at the media launch held at Avani, Gazza confirmed that the scheduled concert 'Gazza-Milli' have partnered up with The Namibian Police (NAMPOL) to make sure that the venue is secured and safe.

"We have  a few of  the Namibian police members here, they will be responsible for the safety of our people. There are quite a lot of people who attend events with other motives, so we are trying to eliminate that," he said.

He further mentioned that they have hired bouncers that will be surrounding the entire area including security members.

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With a motive to prioritize safety and security at the event, Gazza-Mill concert will also be having 200 taxi's operating from the venue to make sure that attendees are dropped off safely their desired destinations.

"The taxi's will have stickers for visibility, the good part about these taxi's is that they are allowed to drive straight  into the stadium," he added.

With different concerts scheduled for 2019, Gazza- Milli concert proves that Namibian party goers are definitely in for a musical treat this year.

The tickets for the Concert are currently available at Computicket Namibia.

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