Gazza Quits Music For Good?

He reveals his new talent

By  | Apr 23, 2021, 11:54 AM 

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Multi-award-winning artist Gazza, is a man of many talents and it seems he is ready to add the "Chef" title to his impressive resume. Ever since the musician shot fame, he has been leaving fans impressed with his many talents.

Gazza has built a sustainable career in the industry and he is also a soccer lover who has shared his impressive football skills on social media with his fans before.

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The musician recently took to social media to showcase his culinary skills and asked his fans to rate them. In a video he shared on his Twitter account, the musician can be seen roasting meat in the oven, with his wife Golden Shiimi giving her instructions on how crispy she wants it to be and she hypes praises on his culinary skills giving him the title "Chef G."

It seems Gazza did well, judging from the comments on his posts,  his followers have been complimenting his culinary skills. and we hope they enjoyed the family prepared

We would absolutely love to his more of his culinary skills and hopefully, he can work on a cookbook or venture into the food industry like Somizi Mhongo and Moshe.

The Idols SA judge recently released his cookbook titled Dinner At Somizi’s – I Am Not A Chef which was inspired by his late father Ndaba Mhlongo.

"It’s my father, he was a chef at Blue Waters Hotel in Durban, I think that’s how my love for cooking started. My father was the only one who cooked at home, his presentation of food was hotel standard. I was nine when I was like wow! I would like to do this so that’s where my love for cooking started.  For me, cooking is one of my talents, I believe each and every one, has more than one talent. I don’t want to look back and say oh, why didn’t I do that? I don’t do it for the fame or money I do it for the passion, everything else follows thereafter…but it’s nice the fame and money," he said.

Moshe also recently launched his range of spices Moshe's Kitchen and he launched them to honor the memories he shared with his family.

"It was a no brainer to have found my calling in the food industry, I remember sitting and thinking to myself about five years ago, what can I do to honor my mother, honor the memories we shared with my aunts, uncles, and cousins around the dinner table, the passion to serve the ones we love. That's when I discovered the art of spies, flexible and versatile, a wonder of creativity, the one thing that makes a dish extraordinary. And this was the birth of Moshe's kitchen,"
he said.

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