Gazza Celebrates YouTube Milestone After Releasing New Video

He is proud of himself

By  | Oct 25, 2020, 08:44 AM 

Gazza is celebrating getting 30 000 views in 17 hours on YouTube. This was after he dropped his video for his new song BrandeWyn on YouTube.

The video has so many views in less than 24 hours and Gazza is proud of this achievement. Gazza took to twitter and uploaded a short clip of himself at a radio interview and appreciates having gotten 20 000 views in less than 12 hours after the video was released.

The video sees Gazza wearing jean shorts and a red Bulls Basketball jersey as he takes a stroll through the streets of Khomasdal. He gets into an argument over a woman and takes part in a street race,which he ofcourse wins. It is a semi one take video, full of lively characters, dance moves and a good vibe.

Gazza is no stranger to getting views on YouTube, he was the first Namibian artist to reach a million views on YouTube with his hit song Chelete.

Gazza shared that his new song Brandewyn is a song for the Khomasdal community for always supporting him.''Brandewyn is a tribute to the coloured/baster community for supporting my music over the years. This is for you.'' said Gazza.

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