Winter Is Here

Raise your goblets or Windhoek Largers

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Fashion

Just as Winter has crept over the Auas Mountains greeting Namibians the ever popular Games of Thrones returned with its ice-cold kings and queens and hot and sexy bastards. 

The stakes are high in the final season of Games of Thrones (GoT) and it is clear that no one wants to miss the drama, intrigue and magic, judging from fact that fans are up at dawn to watch the epic show.

Games of Thrones (GOT) returned to this week and Namibian fans were glued to their TV sets already at 03:00 Monday morning while non-fans including Kermit were fast asleep oblivious to the horses and carriage dragging through the icy roads en-route to medieval castles where candlelight flickers everywhere.

Spoiler alert

The show that revels in the intrigues of warring family members, not even a mother is sacred here, has set its grip firmly on the Namibians fan base. 

Fans went off on their Twitter handles sharing and analyzing the latest episode and some silly Billies even joked that the Daenerys’ dragons had set fire to the Notre Dame cathedral that took fire on Monday. 

Even those who drag themselves out of bed for work at 8:00 was already up at 03:00 to catch the show. Some, to avoid spoilers left Twitter all together and came back when they had caught up with the latest episode.

So much is the excitement and craze that even Windhoek Lager saw it fit to sponsor Games of Thrones through an advertisement.

The premiere episode, “Winterfell,” was filled with nostalgic throwbacks of previous seasons which served the memory well after almost two years of waiting. 

According to the nerd league website lots of exciting episodes are awaiting us but we better be prepared for plenty more heartbreaks and disappointments, and hopefully this time around we all get a happy ending. This episode was marked by reunions, but not all of them were warm though.

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Main image credit: GoT/YouTube