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One flight to another, the MK way

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Meriam Kaxuxwena  | Fashion

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Superstar Meriam Kaxuxwena is all about catching flights and being on the next runway. Whether its in Namibia, Africa or another continent altogether, best believe to catch this queen there.
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The model seemed to have taken a break from the runway life as she has been between Namibia, Angola and South Africa for the past few weeks. Doing what you might ask? Having champagne darling! As well as catching up with model friends and family.
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Meriam has been quiet silent since the confrontation with personality and actor Dillish Mathews and her friend DJ Seboa at local hot spot Pharaohs in April.

Eyewitnesses said the duo threw a surprised MK off the couch pulled her wig off, broke her nails as well as her Xmax iPhone.  According to the Instagram's post Dillish and her friend had to be carried out of the club on their first attempt but a clearly defiant Dillish returned and took a seat next to MK and once again started provoking her.

It seems like both parties have swept the story under the rug as non of have mentioned the mini fight and non of them have made it public whether they have reconciled yet. 

Despite the little mess, Meriam Kaxuxwena is still living her best life and trotting across the globe gig after gig. She is currently in Portugal for a fashion show where she is yet to share intimate details of. So far, she has shared that it is an international fashion show with models from Brazil, Macai and Serbia.

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One thing we can trust is that Meriam represents Namibia wherever she goes and is always proud to show her roots. Her 173 thousand  Instagram followers also agree with this and wish her all the best of luck. Others comment saying that she inspires them and that they wish to follow in her footsteps too.

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