Congratulations To Luis Munana

He adds to his list of achievements

By  | May 02, 2021, 06:03 PM  | Luis Munana  | Fashion

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Model and Serial entrepreneur Luis Munana is on a roll, Munana is always one step ahead when it comes to his business and image. Louis Munana has decided to launch a clothing line by the name of Zuriel the highly anticipated collection is expected to drop on 8 May 2021.

 Recently the founder and director of Windhoek fashion week have decided to also have a hand in the thriving local fashion industry. As the launch date is fast approaching his luxury brand Zuriel has been the topic of discussion online due to the luxurious feel his latest collection aims to offer as well as some of the A list celebs who are part of the Zuriel hype campaign. 
Namibian beauty Maria Nepembe wore one of his designs which caused quite a frenzy online garnering thousands of likes and even grasping the attention of controversial businessman Michael Amushelelo to publicly display his feelings for Maria Nepembe who was at the time in one of Luis Munanaโ€™s designs.
 Maria Nepembe was not the only hot starlet in one of Luis Munanaโ€™s designs, celebrity socialite and big brother winner  Dillish Mathews also took part in the Zuriel campaign sticking to the emerald green theme of the brand, her flamboyant mini dress drew a lot of positive attention and praise on the internet.
That was not the end of the hype of the Zuriel brand which is yet to drop, Zuriel's pending launch has managed to garner up a lot of public anticipation and Luis Munana as the smart businessman he is is cashing in on the excitement.  As a model and reality television star Luis is a natural in front of the camera, his keen sense of self-confidence even landed him an appearance In GQ.
 Luis took to his Instagram to share that he had gotten to be on the cover of Simply Youโ€™s first 2021 cover, Simply You Magazine is one of Namibiaโ€™s leading print magazines. On the cover, Luis Mana is wearing one of his own Zuriel designs in an article titled Luis The Aspirer the magazine he talks to Simply You Magazine about some of his experiences in the creative world along with some of the lessons he has learned in the industry.
  As a model and a businessman, Munana has drawn on both his strengths to successfully market his fledgling brand Zuriel in addition to appearing on the cover of Simply You. Munana posted a mouth-watering picture to his personal Instagram in which he wore nothing but a pair of the signature Zuriel pants. The post managed to accrue over a thousand likes in a matter of hours and the accompanying comments on the post are overwhelmingly positive. 
We look forward to the release of the highly anticipated Zuriel Collection and we will be keeping close tabs on Luis and his next venture

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