Luis Munana's Latest Achievement

You aint seen nothing yet

By  | Oct 27, 2021, 04:30 PM  | Fashion

Luis Munana Zuriel
Word on the street is that Namibia’s Top International Model, Luis Munana is set to make his Zuriel Volume 2 debut this coming week on the 6th of November 2021. Taking to his Instagram, the fashion icon announced that the debut is set to happen during the MTC Windhoek Fashion Week beginning the 1st of November. 
Additionally, a recent post by Luis has seen media personalities Dillish Matthews and Maria Nepembe feature as muses for the Zuriel campaign and fans are already loving it.  These two women clearly understood the assignment.

It goes without saying that Luis Munana is a jack of all trades and one who has managed to master all his entrepreneurial ventures. When it comes to fashion, Luis continues to dazzle fans with his breathtaking sense of fashion and his clothesline, Zuriel is by far one of Namibia’s favourites.

The MTC Windhoek Fashion Week main objective is to foster the culture of supporting local brands by promoting made in Namibia fashion, to the rest of the world. The annual event brings together industry-related individuals such as models makeup artists, fashion designers among others to showcase their talent and expose their various brands. In preparation for what is the biggest fashion event in Namibia, fans are being encouraged to share their best runway walk on Twitter and in turn, earn a free front row ticket to the event.

And while the countdown to the event continues, fans have not stopped expressing their excitement, more so in anticipation to see what Luis Munana will be featuring on the runway. The Zuriel clothesline deals with luxurious women and men’s clothing as well as accessories. 

Among those who have expressed their anticipation for the debut is Zambian award-winning female artist, Queen Diva Mampi who is also a renowned fashion icon. Other than Zuriel by Luis Munana, fans can also expect to see designers like Kuro, Beuka, The Clan among many others.

Through the MTC Windhoek Fashion Week event, Luis Munana has without a doubt created a plethora of opportunities for many in the fashion industry more so those who are just starting out. The very first of this event happened in December 2020, with the theme, "Celebrating 5 years of Namibian Fashion." 

The event had in attendance notable media personalities like Robyn Nakaambo and fans are definitely enthralled to see who will be in attendance this year. Among those who have been honoured to be dressed by Luis Munana’s Zuriel is Zambian musician Macky2 who stole the day in a spectacular white outfit during the Lusaka July 2021 event. The clothesline did not disappoint.
In other news, apart from stealing our hearts on the runway, Luis Munana is warming the hearts of Namibian children and parents through his children’s brand, Waka Waka Moo where he entertains and educates young children through puppetry and animation. In an Instagram post, he recently shared a video of him entertaining kids with a caption that expressed how much he could not wait to be a dad. Surely there is no end to Luis Munana’s charm.
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