Chelsi In Racism Row

Tweeps have Chelsi's back

By  | Oct 13, 2021, 12:50 PM  | Fashion

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Pupkewitz Toyota gifted Miss Namibia 2021 Chelsi Shikongo and the pageant’s first-runner up Annerie Maré with cars to help them perform their duties. The cars will be returned to the company after the awardees’ terms run out. These gifts seem like great moves but Namibians on Twitter hit back at Pupkewitz Toyota and Miss Namibia Organization with racism accusations due to the differences in the cars branding and model.

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The tweeps accused Pupkewitz Toyota and Miss Namibia Organization of collaborating to reward Chelsi with a cheaper car while Annerie was given an expensive car. Namibians on Twitter scrutinized the rewards and saw that Chelsi’s Toyota Starlet was cheaper than Annerie’s Toyota Corolla, which is pricier.

“Look at racism in two different pictures, how can Toyota Pupkewitz give the Miss Namibia a brown car with gold letters branded on the car that’s even skew that no one can see, but 2nd runner up gets a beautiful white car well branded @pupkewitzH such a shame on you,” one Twitter user tweeted.

Apart from the difference in value, Twitter users were also riled up because Chelsi’s car was not well branded and beautiful as Annerie’s car. Annerie’s car is white in colour with her name branded on it and other words can be read clearly as the branding is in black. However, Chelsi’s car is brown with a branding letter in gold and black, which cannot be clearly read. Chelsi’s car was also not branded with her name. These differences made Namibians on Twitter angry as they felt the differences was due to the awardees’ black and white race.

“Based on the market value it seems like the a runner up got a better car than the Miss Namibia. I would like know what was the criteria used in offering these? In the absence of the latter, then we left to believe it's based on their skin privileges... or so,” another tweep speculated

Namibians on twitter were also angry at the issue finding it so unbelievable that they turned it to dark humor.

The white runner up got a better car than the black Miss Namibia. You can’t make this up,” one tweep tweeted with a laughing emoji. 

This is not the first time Miss Namibia Organization has been under fire over racism accusations from Tweeps. Last year, tweeps accused the organization of racism when former Miss Namibia 2019-2020 Nadja Breytenbach won the pageant. Namibians on Twitter felt that Breytenbach should not have won the pageant because of she was not black and her physical appearance fit that of a white woman.

The comments from Namibians on Twitter call for the Miss Namibia Organization to address the raised issues, as racism is a critical matter. Accusations of racism should never be taken lightly. Namibians have been talking about the issue for a while now and if it is not addressed, people from other races may stop themselves from participating in pageant for fears of discrimination.

Aside from this matter, Chelsi Shikongo will be participating in Miss Universe 2021 pageant while Annerie Maré will be participating in Miss World pageant 2021, both held in December and we wish them all the best. 

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