Best Dressed Celebrities In 2021

The most iconic looks

By  | Jan 05, 2022, 08:44 AM  | Fashion

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It is said that no one ever gets a second chance to make a first impression and as such how anyone dresses determines how they are addressed. It is precisely for this reason fashion is an important part of our lives.

With our celebrities being the gatekeepers in the fashion industry, today we revisit the most magical looks they wore in 2021.

Dillish Mathews 

Dillish is a lady that understands elegance and knows exactly what to wear to look just that. She recently locked in a blue blazer dress that hugged her body in all the right parts and she looked glorious.

That is not all, she has been blessing us on Instagram and giving many men sleepless nights with this black and white dress that she posted on her birthday.

Maria Nepembe

Maria Nepembe always understands the assignment when it comes to dressing. She is not a mediocre or average type of model, but the best there is.

During the Windhoek Fashion week, Nepembe wowed the room with an African print dress that had a very well thought cap.

Another legendary look she cladded was while on vacation to the United States, where together with her friend Bassey they put on some matching outfit with Nepembe wearing a short white dress while her counterpart had a white suit.

The outfit suggested they were dating and had everyone talking. She however came out and said that they are just good friends.

Luis Munana

Munana is arguably the most accomplished male model in the country and he has mastered his craft. He was the man of the moment at the Windhoek Fashion week as he was launching the Zuriel Clothesline.

The design and creativity in his work were breathtaking. Through Zuriel designs Munana has opened up the country to the outside world in terms of fashion and culture.

He has additionally created a platform for young people to grow their talents in fashion and modeling.


If we were having awards for the best-dressed celebrity over the year, Lioness would certainly take the trophy home. The rapper has been paying more attention to her style and she has been making the whole internet happy.

One of the most iconic looks she put on was of a golden dress that had a really long slit and left her looking like a snack.

She also did an outdoor shoot wearing a long white dress and a beach cap, which made her look like a girl you would love to take on a date.

KP Illest

KP is not a model but he understands too well that being a star means looking like you own the country. 2021 KP had all his swag on point from official looks to casual, I still don't understand how he is still single.

The most outstanding outfit however was the official look he had with a white shirt and blue half coat and trousers. It was a look that just said he means business.

Having looked at the iconic looks of 2021 we would like to know which one inspired you the most.

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