5 Compliments A Mum Would Give

Trust them to say anything when it comes to compliments

By  | Oct 22, 2021, 04:02 PM  | Fashion

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How we dress speaks a lot about us. We have heard of love language but I would like to introduce you to the fit language. I’ll give you a perfect example of what I mean when I say that what you wear can tell people a lot about you as well as why it’s the fit language. Imagine coming across a person walking butt naked, with absolutely nothing on. I can already guess the thoughts in your head. Is the person alright? Has he or she ran mad? Then as all this runs across your mind, you are slowly walking on the other edge of the side far away from them, as you stare and wonder. It could be argued that the lack of clothes does not qualify my point of what you wear speaks volumes since they have nothing on, but here is the twist. Don’t they have their birthday suit on?

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I am sure the point has made it home. The fit language is just simply the last three letters of outfit and the dressing revealing a thing about us without even saying a word. What this means is when we go to work, we dress in official, when going out for a cup of coffee or a date we dress in casual and last but not least when we are in a celebratory mood and going out to party, we dress accordingly. Just a simple look at someone dressed in official will have you know that he or she is ready to head into the office. 

I am here trying to convince you about a language I just made up right now because there is a story behind it. We all have the freedom to dress up however we want you know, my dress my choice and all that, but do we really? When it comes to being under a parent’s roof, that freedom is out the window running like a gold medal Olympian. It doesn’t matter how old you are. As long as it’s under their roof, it’s their rules. However there are moments where you can choose to be rebellious and test their patience just because you can see that you look amazing and you are about to step out. It could be for a party, a night out or a date and you are dressed to kill and to stand out.

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Then here comes the moment when your mum spots you and deep down they know and feel you look good but what comes out as a compliment is just something different. We wanted to know what a parent, a mother in this case, would say as a compliment for looking amazing, by asking our Nalebrity followers to share how their mums’ compliment them and you won’t believe what some had to say.

Two followers responded by showing the question their mum would ask.

One follower shared a compliment with self-praise.

Some responded with genuine compliments.

This comment was it for me because it reminded me of my mum. She would compliment me the same way.

As the saying boys will always be boys go, for this case I would switch it up and say mums will always be mums. 

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