Exit To Release A Hip-Hop Album

Is he ditching Kwaito?

By  | Mar 11, 2021, 03:42 PM 

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Multi-award-winning musician Exit is booked and busy as he works hard to chase his next bag. The musician is set to make another boss move in August, when he released his first-ever hip-hop album.

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It is unclear what inspired the transition as he is a famous Kwaito artist who has won several awards in the country, but will surely showcase his extensive musical talent. The musician made the big announcement in a tweet and said on the 3rd of August the album is dropping.

It is great to see musicians testing the waters in other genres of music and we hope this album will be one for the books. His latest album Die Hele Box had been a huge success. Exit , DJ Kboz, and Samuel Ngodji were the creative minds behind the masterpiece Die Hele Box

From the moment it was released, people had been talking about it non-stop, complementing the artists on what an amazing job they did. 

Although the release of the album was surrounded by drama after it was leaked on YouTube. "He stepped in the wrong direction. I will make it my mission to arrest he’s Punk ass. My videos can have 600,000 views and he will have one with 500,000 views as well, meaning I’m a million something views worthy. but stolen by him. I’ll get him! Just watch," said the musician in a Twitter rant.

The album stole the hearts of many people and some musicians have been shooting their shots to collaborate with him. "I guess everybody wants to do a “Collab” Album now haa? I’m just sittin’ in my “trendsettin’ seat” like...Hey! You forgot the strawberries !! 

We wonder who he will be collaborating with next. Recently Top Cheri decided to put an end to rumours that she is dating him. Upon being asked when she and Exit started dating, Top Cheri put aside the comedy and answered this question quite seriously. 

She replied saying ‘Before this even gets out of hand! Beloveds Exit and I have always only been friends and nothing else… the love songs is simply just music. Exit is practically my brother… I can’t see him as anything else. He protects me and loves me but that’s only coz I’m fam.’

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