Exclusive Interview: Reinhard Mahalie Is Soaring High

He is Namibia's next big thing

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Namibia's much-loved award-winning stylist Reinhard Mahalie, has BEEN putting in the work in his career ever since he gained prominence through styling celebs. To say Reinhard works hard would be a major understatement.

He has taken his brand to the next level and he has his eye set on dominating the Africa continent. Reinhard has won the hearts of many people with his fashion slayage and for being proud of his sexuality. The good homie never has bad fashion moments and one wonders how he does not fail to impress.

Reinhard is also well known for being part of Namibia's most loved trio, made up of Jay Aeron, Rumano Fabrish, and him. The trio is constantly serving breathtaking looks and every time they step out they leave us in awe of their looks.

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Having kicked off his career in the fashion and beauty industry at the tender age of nine, Reinhard brings a lot to the table besides just good looks and brains and he never stumbles. NAlebrity recently caught up with him to get more insight into his life and he has a lot up his sleeve to share.

The stylist who was born and bred in the dusty streets of Mariental, in the south of Namibia says he was raised by his late grandmother Rietha Katzao. Reinhard says he has always had a bubbly personality.

"Growing up in the dusty streets of a small-town callled Keetmanshoop. I already showed signs of what my future held. I was spontaneous, outspoken, confident, and inquisitive from a young age. These character traits helped me to organise beauty pageants for young girls at the age of just nine," says Reinhard.
Reinhard who is openly queer says his childhood was colorful and accepting his sexuality at a young age played a huge impact in navigating through life to become the person he is today.

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"I had one of the best upbringings. I am so grateful for how I was raised. I would not have been the confident and ambitious person I am today. Growing up queer, knowing and accepting myself was easy for me to “navigate” through life to be where I am today," he explains.
He has been leaving no stone unturned to make his dreams come true and he said his family is proud of him for soaring to greater heights in life.

"They are proud and happy that I have come so far in my career.They not really surprise how far I have come,because they know I am a go-getter.I will get anything done,once I set my mind to it."
Reinhard has since solidified himself as one of Namibia's top stylists who has worked with several celebrities. The entrepreneur who is one of the founders of the Fashion Soiree says he has always had an eye for fashion.

"I always had the eye and passion for fashion. I was critical about what others would wear. I am a very visual person and I like to express my analysis from my perspective," he adds.

The 29-year-old studied at the Namibia University of Science and Technology where he bagged his degree in Journalism. Although his fashion career took over he is grateful that he studied journalism because he can apply what he learned in Journalism in fashion.

"I am so grateful that I plough my knowledge of what I studied into my fashion styling career."
Reinhard recently made it onto the coveted Forbes Africa Under 30 list. The list features various influential creatives who are doing big things in their respective industries.

South African influencer Mihlali Ndamase also made it to the list alongside Zimbabwean entrepreneur Shakemore Wellington Timburwa, Cleo Johnson, and Antonio Depina.

This is a big milestone for Reinhard as he continues to make waves in the industry and pave the way for upcoming stylists and models in the country.

Ever since the list got released, he has been trending on social media for raising the Namibian flag high by becoming the first Namibian to be featured on the Forbes Africa Under 30 List. Speaking about this latest win he says"
Image Cred: Motlabana 'Tlhabi' Monnakgotlad Provided:
"I am very proud of this achievement,words can’t describe my excitement.This will be one of the Historic stores I am telling the world.My story is proof that you can be self-made."

I never thought this small town boy from Keetmanshoop will be on the Cover of Forbes Africa.It was a shock to learn that I made the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 List.Paving the way for young Namibian and African creatives," he adds.

As we celebrate Pride Month this June, which is a month dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQI community and calling for laws criminalizing homosexuality and same-sex marriages to be scrapped.

Reinhard has weighed in his two cents in the call for same-sex marriages to be legalized in the country. 
"That’s the burning desire for most queers in Namibia, especially those that want to get married. We all want to see human rights be recognized - Period.""We have a long way to go in Namibia. All the community can do is to push the agenda and stay hopeful."
Reinhard says his aim is to extend his brand across African borders and style more influential African celebrities.

"I always think of ways to reimagine and take my brand to the next level. My goal is to style more African celebrities and make tangible products."
He says in 2021 we can expect more from him as he wants to expand his empire.
"You can expect ore quality content, styling clients, especially corporates. After getting listed on Forbes Africa, it feels like a new chapter started in my life. Hence I will realign my brand and take it to greater heights," he says.

Image Cred: Motlabana 'Tlhabi' Monnakgotla

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