Esperance's Night Was A Grand Slam

She is making major waves.

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Esperance Luvindao 

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Poet Esperance Luvindao's was the evening star, this past Saturday as she hosted her own poetry show titled, The Architecture of Poetry.

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Luvindao was accompanied by talented artist Nomonde Sky Mlotshwa from South Africa and saxophonist Makabongwe Ncube from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwean Saxaphonist, Makabongwe Ncube

The event was held at the Namibia Arts Association in Windhoek and about 200 were in attendance.

The night may have been a frosty winter's evening, the people remained seated, glued(no frostbite reported) to the entertainment that took the night away. The poems delivered by Luvindao and Mlotshwa were said to be highly motivational and inspiring. 

But Esperance has never let a girl down, when it comes to her gift.

The event was sold out and MC Masutu Vihanga was the cherry on top of the evening, keeping the crowd laughing uncontrollably. 

One of Mlotshwa's poems, titled 'If Ever You Meet the Man Whose Heart I Broke', was very emotional and inspiring. She spoke about being broken and as a result causing pain and heartache to someone else. 

Luvindao's poem 'The African Child' served as an eye-opener to how people view, treat, abuse the African child. 

Speaking about her trip to Namibia, Mlotshwa said when she first heard about the invitation, she could not refuse. She told the Namibian that she was eager to join the event.

Esperance contacted my manager. After I listened to her work, I knew I had to come. For me, she is very talented.

With that said, Esperance is sure to light another show up too with her growing audience and talent. We'll  be snapping fingers with every one of her poems.

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