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Poets needed for the Architecture of poetry

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Esperance Luvindao 

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For many moons poetry in Namibia has been one of those activities done to loosen up, never considered actual commercial art like music and or acting. Then came newly medical school graduate Esperance Lunvidao who was the first ever to release a whole poetry album but she didn't stop there, she also released a video featuring saxophonist Suzy Eises.

She does not plan on stopping there though. Currently, Esperance is in the process of hosting her first show of the year alongside South African sensation, Nomonde Sky. The poet revealed this in an Instagram post captioned 'my year' and we believe her!
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This will also be a first for a poetry show to feature a guest artist from across the borders. She says that the aim of this show is to enrich the Namibian Arts scene and elevate poetry in Namibia. Part of the proceeds will be going to charity too. So be sure to catch the spoken word artists at the Namibia Arts Association. Trust their poetic bars to keep you warm.
Esperance with her big heart of always looking out for others is looking for a poet to open for the show.

She is looking for a poet with the X factor who is able to connect with the audience and take them on a journey with their pieces. It is a search for one talented artist with the potential to explode, a lyrical genius. This will also be the ideal setting for someone with the talent to receive great exposure. Esperance also adds that the genre does not matter at all as long as the artists are delivering poetic punchlines.
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