Ees The Musician And Business Man

Keeps reinventing himself

By  | Oct 12, 2020, 11:52 AM 

Ees is very peculiar artist from Namibia. The Namibian born and raised artist was raised by his German parents. He was inspired by TKZ from South Africa to do Kwaito and is a very patriotic Namibian artist.

Ees first gave us a hit when he and Gazza collaborated on the song International. Ees's music identity and business model is centered around Namibia and his 'Yes Ja' chant. Over the years he has modelled himself into a business man, selling spices, his Ees merchandise such as his T-shirts and shoes, socks, sandals, Wuma energy drink.

All of, if not most of his businesses are all branded with the Namibian flag and Ees has countless amounts of times demonstrated how much he loves the country and its people. Ees has realised his music is also a medium that connects Namibians and the international market.  His videos always feature Namibian landmarks and landscapes.

He is currently based in Germany and frequently travels back to Namibia. He also continues doing music despite being very active as a businessman. Listen to his latest single below.
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