Is Zola 7 Struggling?

The South African artist is said to be very sick

By  | Jun 24, 2021, 02:05 PM  | Zola 7  | Drama

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A social media user shocked many when they suggested that legendary SA Kwaito artist, Zola 7 was seriously ill. The tweep even alleged that he is struggling financially and was in need of saving.

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The user then added a picture of Zola 7 and it has since gone viral. "Zola 7 is not okay, apparently he has epilepsy and he is a also struggling. If you can reach out to help to lend a helping hand please do. I know we as South Africans love and appreciate Zola 7, we will do anything to help him," a twitter user by the name Kamo Marven wrote.
Zola 7 had previously opened up about his illness on Mac G And Chill podcast and said people around him were worried sick. He even got involved in an accident a few months ago as he apparently suffered a seizure whilst driving.

“I lost a lot of weight over the past year. I was extremely sick, I was home and I was shaking. Everybody around me was scared I was going to die. I couldn’t eat well. I was eating Mageu, porridge and Fish. It took me.

“Nowadays I have to take medication twice a day just to get by,” he continued. “I was very sick during that song (with Cassper) and I think we did about 25 cuts. I was fighting to look normal, but I wasn’t. I was extremely very sick during that video,” he told Mac G at the time.

According to Daily Sun, his friends thought they would find the star 'bedridden' and really sick. But when they visited him he was very well and bubbly.

So people, Zola 7 is not sick and he is doing well, in fact it was reported that he is working on multiple projects.

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