What Happened To Brownson Lukas' Girlfriend?

May justice prevail

By  | Jul 30, 2022, 01:29 PM  | Drama

Brownson Lukas
Brownson Lukas is a popular forex trader and reality television star who has been making news for being involved in gender-based violence.

The heavily bearded forex trader who most ladies may find to be attractive is a baller. He told the court during his first hearing that he earns about N$200 000 per month and owns five vehicles.

2022 has not been the easiest year for Brownson Lukas who has already been involved in two assault cases against his partner. Here are all the details that you need to know about the Brownson Lukas girlfriend’s assault cases.

Brownson Lukas girlfriend's first assault case

Brownson Lukas, source: Instagram

Early in 2022, Brownson Lukas girlfriend opened an assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm case against him after he reportedly physically abused her on 23rd January 2022 until she vomited.

During his bail application hearing on 2nd February 2022, the prosecution told the court about how the altercation between Brownson Lukas and his girlfriend had begun at a nightclub. 

The victim had reportedly gone to the said nightclub to confront Lukas after she saw a video of him with another woman. An argument ensued and Lukas was allegedly slapped by his girlfriend before dragging him out.

One of Brownson who was a witness testified that Brownson Lukas girlfriend had slapped him three times while at the club before dragging him downstairs. Brownson reportedly drove home in his car but the girlfriend followed him. 

At home, further altercation between the couple ensued and it resulted in the girlfriend who had epilepsy vomiting and reportedly fainting.

In his testimony, Brownson Lukas denied having beaten his girlfriend, saying that if he had she would have open wounds or injuries which she didn’t have during the hearing.

Brownson Lukas who told the court that he was not a flight risk was released on a N$15,000 bail. It was also reported that the pair had broken up.

Brownson Lukas girlfriend's second case

Brownson Lukas, source: Instagram

A few months after Brownson Lukas was granted bail for his first assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm case, the forex trader was arrested again.

On 18th July 2022, Lukas was arrested again for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. He was then presented in court for three counts- resisting arrest from a member of the police, assault common law with provision of the domestic violence act and malicious damage of property.

Although details about how this second assault took place, According to a report published by Confidente, Brownson Lukas was denied bail by the state the reason provided being that he might repeat the offense again if granted bail. The publication also reported that Brownson Lukas would remain in custody until 29th August when his case will be heard.

Brownson Lukas attempt to clear his name

A screenshot of Brownson Lukas Instagram post

After his second arrest, Brownson Lukas took to Instagram to explain his side of his story. He confessed to loving his girlfriend, saying that she had been there for him during his darkest point.

He also denied assaulting her saying that been engaged in an argument  and that he had been a fool because he had been drinking. He further blamed the police for pushing his girlfriend to open a case against him.

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