Vusi Nova On Drug Dealing Claims

He addressed these demining allegations

By  | Jul 21, 2021, 06:24 PM  | Vusi Nova  | Drama

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 Vusi Nova has admitted that he used to do drugs but he made it clear that the drugs did not come from Muthaland Entertainment boss Lance Stehr. These allegations were made by Bongani Fassie on his reality show.

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He is the drug master. He feeds the children drugs so that they don’t think straight,” said Bongani, adding that his other was also given these drugs by him.

Vusi poured cold water to these claims and said; “Really? He gives drugs to his artists so that they aren’t able to think for themselves? So I have Known Lance for eight years, I have never seen Lance doing drugs, I have never seen Lance giving any artist drugs, he certainly never given me drugs. The only drug he has given me is Grandpa.

“For me, such allegations are very damaging, not only to Lance as an individual but to Muthaland as a company and us iartists zakhona (its artists) because apparently we are being given drugs like we so stupid that we just allow this man to feed us drugs so that we aren’t able to think for ourselves.”

“I just wanna put it out there first, I do not do drugs, I used to at some point in my life but I spoke out about this and the reason I spoke out about it was because I wanted to help the next person who was struggling with drugs and by the way in that time of my life, Lance wasn’t a part of my life then so obviously when I started working with them I told them about my past issues with drugs and Lance was extremely supportive when it came to that.”

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