[WATCH]: Top Cheri Gets A Surprise Engagement Proposal

Now this we did not see coming!

By  | Apr 02, 2022, 03:22 PM  | TopCheri  | Drama

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Namibia’s finest Top Cheri is always making headlines for the drama that surrounds her life. And yes, while we love her for her amazing music, her personal life is also just as spicy and we love to see it. 

Just recently, the internet has been buzzing with the stunning news of the rapper’s proposal. And while she and her boyfriend Max have been serving some couple goals for as long as we can remember, you will be surprised to learn that the man who went down on his knee was in fact not her beloved boyfriend!

Top Cher recently took to her Twitter to share a video from one of her recent live performances in Grootfontein. While she was on stage, a stranger walked up to her with an engagement ring, got on his knees and proposed. 

Now while fans thought that this was actually part of the night’s performance, jaws were left dropping when Top Cheri actually accepted the ring and in fact, showed it off for the crowd to see! 

In her caption, she even went on to admit that she did get engaged but the only problem is that she does not know who her fiance is! Sweet but definitely hilarious!

As you can already imagine, fans have shown up in numbers in her comment section congratulating her and wishing her all the best in this new journey. Wait though, are we sure this was not an April Fool’s prank! 

Seeing that the situation is getting out of hand and the news is spreading fast, the acclaimed artist has tried to salvage the whole story, but fans are unshakeable in their belief. 

The rapper has confessed that it was not an engagement, or any arrangement whatsoever and that it was the first time she was meeting her alleged fiance and has not seen him ever since. 

This, she says, is in a bid to make things clear just in case fans actually take it to be true. But come on sis, you did accept the ring did you not? But come to think of it, how would she have said no to such a fan. 

All this barely a few days after rumors spread that she had done her traditional wedding secretly, which she later addressed saying that she had not. From where we’re sitting it looks like this getting married agenda is agending seriously for TopCheri! (wink)

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