Top Cheri's Revelation Shocks Fans

"I have an Uncle who is obsessed with my damn life"

By  | Jun 26, 2022, 04:06 PM  | TopCheri  | Drama

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Musician Top Cheri has taken to social media to reveal how her family cornered her to ask if she is a lesbian. The muso claimed that her uncle is overly obsessed with her and that he insisted on a family meeting just to question her about her sexuality.

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We all have our fair share of intrusive family members who go above and beyond to overstep their boundaries in our lives. So is the case with Nam's finest singer Top Cheri, whose uncle overstepped his boundaries by calling a family meeting just to ask about her sexuality.

"I have an Uncle who is obsessed with my damn life … a whole family meeting, that he has been insisting for weeks by the way. Agenda of the meeting: “Monika tulombela eshi uli opo oveh eshenge. Inihala omalipopilo, nyamukula eike epulo.” Who told Uncles they are God?" she cried.

She clarified why she always is called for a family meeting, "When you are from a very cultural family and you are regarded as different cos your not the teacher cousins or the nurse Aunty … believe me there’s a meeting erday cos why? Cos the “people” are talking … “omona ngo waLavinia? mwati oTopu tcheli.”

Top Cheri also got embroiled in a back and forth with a tweep who laughed at her for posting about her ordeal with performing while injured. A fan posted a clip of her performance and she said, "Watching this clip makes my so teary … two days after I was admitted to hospital and got an immediate operation. I was in so much pain during this performance … so much pain."

The star is always energetic in her performances so one could not tell she was going through pain.

The star was previously embroiled in a legal battle with a couple who were unfair towards her during a photoshoot. She went on a rant and said she needed lawyers to help solve her problems.

"Couple paid me to wear and shoot for their boutique. A 3 hour shoot, six outfits to be exact. A week after, Husband calls me apparently they received their winter gear an we need to shoot again. I said that’s a new fee. Now Lawyers kama blowing up my phone with threats. Adults bru," said the muso.

"Guys this man hangs up in my ear, but I’m still just chilled. At this point it’s two hours and I’m contemplating going home or just waiting, or do I send back the money. So I decide let me just refund them and go home. I look up and I see a Range pull up. Four people got out of the car," she explained.

She further added that the couple made threats about sending her to jail, "they paid me for a photoshoot, which I did for three hours straight. A week after they call me saying that I need to shoot again for their winter gear … I said that’s a new payment. Apparently I’m swindling them and their Lawyers will make me pay and go to jail." 

"Mind you the first shoot was hell, they came an hour late … the Husband was shouting at me because I didn’t have my own foundation. I explained I’m not a girl like that … and he lost his mind, telling the wife they should have used A,B,C."

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