Top Cheri's Legal Drama

The rapper is battling some legal drama

By  | Apr 26, 2022, 12:40 PM  | TopCheri  | Drama

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Top Cheri is involved in a petty and messy legal drama with a husband and wife photography duo. The Walvis Bay born singer laid her misfortunes bare in a mini twitter rant and it seems as though some drama unfolded between the three of them.

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Top Cheri first hinted at being hogged by lawyers and asked her followers what should she do in the situation she is in, "What’s the next step when someone’s Lawyers call you?? do I go to the police station? Do I also look for a Lawyer? What must happen?" she asked.

The muso then explained why she is need of legal advice and said she was booked for a three hour shoot by a couple who owns a boutique. Then after everything is done, the couple then asked her for another shooting session with different garments. But when Top Cheri said that would involve another booking fee, the couple apparently went berserk and involved lawyers.

"Couple paid me to wear and shoot for their boutique. A 3 hour shoot, six outfits to be exact. A week after, Husband calls me apparently they received their winter gear an we need to shoot again. I said that’s a new fee. Now Lawyers kama blowing up my phone with threats. Adults bru," said the muso.

But that's not all, the husband was apparently very rude to Top Cheri. She said they had paid her for the shoot but she was contemplating giving them their money back. "Guys this man hangs up in my ear, but I’m still just chilled. At this point it’s two hours and I’m contemplating going home or just waiting, or do I send back the money. So I decide let me just refund them and go home. I look up and I see a Range pull up. Four people got out of the car," she explained.

Fans tried getting all the juicy bits from Top Cheri, but she said she is busy with a case and cannot really spill some beans.

She then added that the lawyers want to send her to jail. But explained that the three hour shoot, was hell.
The couple was apparently very rude to her and regretted using her, "Mind you the first shoot was hell, they came an hour late … the Husband was shouting at me because I didn’t have my own foundation. I explained I’m not a girl like that … an he lost his mind, telling the wife they should have used A,B,C."

Top Cheri is also very mad a people thinking she is a little kid whereas she is a grown woman in her 30s, and does not want anybody taking advantage of her.
All this drama takes us back to when Lioness was also fuming when a tweep accused her father of damning allegations. Mekondjo Alfeus landed himself in trouble when he said Lioness' father was in some corruption saga. This was after Lioness slammed people who say there is no information regarding the Covid-19 vaccines.

"People be like “ there isn’t enough data on COVID vaccines” but have a smartphone with Google. Please look at the WHO or CDC guidelines on COVID and educate yourselves hau," she tweeted. 

The man hit back and said, "I googled. I found this man who is apparently your father. His fallout with the former Minister of Health was due to mismanagement of funds, and possible corruption. If there's truth, those funds could be used perhaps for Doctors like to have info, instead of recommending Google."

Lioness then threatened to unleash her lawyers on the user. 

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