Top Cheri Says Nobody Cares About Namibian Artist's Talent Without Hard Work

She advised artists to work hard.

By  | May 28, 2020, 11:12 AM  | TopCheri  | Drama

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Namibian singer Top Cheri, has fired back at talented Namibian artists, who do not want to put in the work and claim that only renowned names are getting opportunities. The singer penned a thread on Twitter, slamming them and said nobody cares about how far their voices can go and talented they are if they don't put in the hours in their hustles.

Top Cheri said every day people complain about some artists that they are better than others, but no one cares, because you also need to work hard to get bookings.

She said people are sleeping on some artists because nobody sleeps in a noisy room, so they must work hard to achieve that.

She said events do not only book people due to their talent but also for the hype they generate. 

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