Top Cheri Reignites King Tee Dee And Diamond Platnumz's Song Drama

There is never a dull moment on Twitter

By  | Jan 17, 2021, 11:32 AM  | TopCheri  | Drama

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Top Cheri has reignited King Tee Dee and Diamond Platnumz's song drama. 

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This follows after the two collaborated on a song and Diamond Platnumz had King Tee Dee's fans foaming at the mouth when he played King Tee Dee dirty by releasing a video of hit song One I Love, changed the title to the song from One I Love to The One and replaced King Tee Dee's verse with another one by him in Kiswahili.

Diamond Platnumz management, said there was nothing wrong with what they did as the contract that both artists signed allows for any one of them to remake the song if they will.

"King Tee Dee can make his own version and so can Diamond Platnumz. If any artist wants to remake the song, they can be provided they contact Lizer Classic the beat producer," they said.

Perhaps the release of the song caught King Tee Dee off guard as he took to Twitter and expressed how shocked by the developments. He did however confirm that he signed a contract with Diamond Platnumz but did not get in details.

Now Top Cheri has taken to Twitter to ask King Tee Dee why he was kicked out of the song. This follows after King Tee Dee opened the floor to questions about a song he did that his fans want to ask him about and he will respond.

King Tee Dee has since not replied to her tweet. In other news, King Tee Dee was recently called out for publicly stating that he will be voting for Swapo in the elections which recently took place.

In a tweet, King Tee Dee said he will be voting for Swapo "25th NOVEMBER WE VOTE FOR SWAPO, " he wrote. His tweet caused quite a stir, as his followers believed the party solicited him as a celebrity, to openly support their campaign. A Twitter user said he must have been paid to campaign for the party.

"They must have paid him again, they only campaign once paid," wrote @MevrouS. A tweep came to his defense and said many think he owes them an explanation with regards to his political affiliation and he doesn't, "They think you owe them anything with regards to politicians affiliation. You owe them non. They must just support their favorites," wrote @@Hero30970197

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