Top Cheri Reacts To Being Called Ugly

"You can never shake a girl who knows she is ugly"

By  | Nov 26, 2020, 10:37 AM  | TopCheri  | Drama

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Namibian female rapper Top Cheri has clapped back at a hater who once called her ugly.

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The rapper who has been in the entertainment industry for several years now, has solidified herself as a household name with a legion of fans. Top Cheri now developed a thick skin on the mistreatment she continues to receive on the social media streets until now and no man can dim her light.

In a tweet today on 26 November 2020, the rapper said a male hater once told her that she was ugly and she responded by saying it was all right and did not make noise about it. Top Cheri said the homie is now promoting like heaven and we wonder who that homie is and if he is promoting his music because a number of artists are also set to release this festive season and some have already dropped new music.

The musician told the hater that cannot shake her as she prepares to release her album

"Ane boy called me ugly ... hoping I would react dramatically! I told him that he is right! Now homey is promoting calling heaven. You can never shake a girl who knows she is ugly!," wrote Top Cheri

This is not the first time Top Cheri about being trolled for her looks. In a  tweet last year she addressed haters who have called her with all sorts of names underneath the sun and said she had regained her power back from all the cyberbullying and she does not care anymore.

Top Cheri recently dropped her album cover and it looks sizzling. Her album is titled Tithe and it is dropping on the 30th of November 2020.

Another musician who is set to release soon is Kaboy Kamakili, and his album seems to be done and dusted, and all eyes are set on the launch now. The album is titled Teacher Boy and his fans are already at the edge of their seats for its release on the 30th of November.

Another musician who is set to release soon is Exit. The singer is ready to release a new album titled Forever on 30 November 2020. His last release was in 2019. The singer recently reflected on The Last Supper album and said it captured his life last year perfectly and the music represented his existence in 2019. 

''Great album The Last Supper very good since last year to date. Love to look at it as a personal time in my life were I needed to find out who is who? And I'm glad I know, dropping my new gift/album Forever this end of November,'' he tweeted

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