Top Cheri Laugh Off Claims That Namibia Does Not Have Celebrities

Fans are defiant that there are no celebs.

By  | Jul 03, 2020, 11:58 AM  | TopCheri  | Drama

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Namibian rapper Top Cheri, has laughed off claims that the country does not have celebrities. The celebrity status of many entertainers in the country has always been questioned by many, who often spew bile on them that they are "broke."

This is because celebs from other countries are living opulent lifestyles, so they often drag Namibian entertainers that they are "not" on the same WhatsApp group with them.

Top Cheri did not entertain the claims this time around, she just laughed them off. In a tweet, she tweeted "Iyaaaa omwati Namibia does not have celebrities."

Not mincing their words, and not shying away to express their opinions, fans told her that Namibia does not have celebs.

Y'all can be very brutal sometimes!

Do you think we do have celebs in Namibia?

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