TK The Rapper Makes A Comeback

The pandemic forced the rapper into hiatus

By  | Jul 20, 2022, 07:18 PM  | Drama

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TK The Rapper has decided to make his comeback after his long hiatus. The talented 'Mbelewa' rapper has been dropping hints of his big return to the spotlight.

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On Twitter, the rapper has been tweeting about his big return to the game and was left in awe over how loyal his fan base is. The rapper would continue to perform while he had not released music but his fans would continue holding him down.
He even revealed that he is in the studio and he feels as though his songs are all hits. He had to hype himself up by throwing a bit of shade to the other rappers, saying they have been torturing people for some time now.

Speaking to The Namibian, the rapper explained why he had to be away for some time and why he is returning and with what. 

“After releasing the 'Alarm' album, unfortunately Covid-19 came. I had to pick up other hobbies since no shows were being hosted. For now, I and the team have not decided the name of the EP, but it will feature an upcoming talented rapper, P08, who will be introduced to the industry through my EP,” he told the publication. 

“Although I could brag about the number of shows I performed, my biggest achievement is when people come to me and tell me how my music has helped them become better people or helped them fight depression,” he said. 

TK also plans on doing some philanthropic work as he plans on uplifting the younger talented rappers. He does this by giving them some free studio time and more.

“There are so many talented kids out there that can't be heard because there are no funding and talent development initiatives. So, I help these artists with free studio time and free features to help them get more exposure. I have given upcoming rap artists a platform to perform at establishments like Chopsies where I used to host them every week. We'll be doing more of that this summer.”

The rapper was embroiled in some beef with other rappers and he believes it was someone from his camp, "I can’t believe someone in my camp was working with the opps and orchestrated the whole beef shit. A snake will never bite you from a distance, you gotta be close to it..."

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