The NAMAs Slipped Up

The NAMAs mix up their FeMCs

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Drama

In an effort to hype up the nation on the reveal of this years nominees for the NAMA 2019 show, the organization somehow managed to fumble when it came to this Nam royalty.

The below promo was put on all the of the NAMA social media to get votes in for Lioness, as she has the made the nominee list for the Song of the Year catergory.

Does anybody else feel like that particular FEM-C is not Lioness?

Well, if anyone else is having that feeling-you would be right. Because, instead of a picture of Lioness the NAMA's uploaded a picture of South African artist Boity.

Unfortunately, we wish we can say that this is the first time there was a mix up between Boity and Lioness but alas.

In May 2019, SA Hip Hop Magazine also did not mention Lioness when they were highlighting a Coke Studio collaboration between Lioness, Boity and Nazizi for their song Switch it up. Many social media users were not happy about Lioness being left out and demanded SA Hip Hop Magazine put some respect on her name.

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Maybe it was just a coincidence and an honest mistake from the NAMAs team and the post has since been deleted from their social and they have correctly fixed the error-making Lioness take a seat firmly on her namesake, showing off her pride.

But we're just a little perplexed-what makes these two get mixed up all the time yet their styles both in fashion, rhythm and rhyme are different? Is there something we're missing? Let us know your thoughts.

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