Tweep Jokes About Nelaolange's New Puppy

The tweep involved Sunny Boy and The Dogg on his joke and we are here for it!

By  | May 19, 2020, 03:08 PM

There is never a dull moment on Twitter. Sunny Boy's ex-fiance Nelaolange recently tweeted a snap of her new puppy. The beauty has been mentioning that she wants to get herself a puppy and finally she got one for herself.

Taking to Twitter Nelaolange posted a snap holding the puppy and revealed that it has finally arrived. A tweep by the name of Shipwata, decided to create a hilarious and spicy joke around this. He responded to her tweet and said "Is it Sunny outside or why is the Dogg in the kitchen?

This left many in stitches because Nelaolange recently called it quits with Sunny Boy, after some infidelity allegations. What also made the tweet spicy was involving The Dogg, who was rumored to be beefing with Sunny Boy.

Another tweep joked said Nelaolange has chosen to replace Sunny Boy with a puppy.

Tweeps reacted to it.

Main Image Credit: Facebook
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