"The Cat Will Be Outta The Bag"

Robyn hints at something big coming her way

By  | Jun 22, 2022, 01:15 PM  | Drama

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Oh how a lot of people could use some good news, much like award-winning media personality Robyn Nakaambo. The personality had her fans at the edge of their seats when she announced that she received good news, but she cannot divulge on it at the moment.

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Robyn Nakaambo took to Instagram to share that she is overflowing with gratitude after the good news she received. "We woke up to such great news today! Overwhelmed with gratitude," she wrote.

Fans are itching to know what the good news is but she told them to hold their horses, she will announce the big news in due course.

Responding to the fan, she wrote, "Sooon and very soon the cat will be outta the bag."

The 33-year-old has a lot to celebrate in her life and this good news is just another win in her bag of wins!

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She is enjoying motherhood and a plethora of gigs and paid partnerships with brands including Epimax and Younique Medi Spa, among many others.

In celebration of her 33rd birthday which was celebrated at the Avani Windhoek and Casino Hotel, she announced that she has a lot of things planned.

"Birthday Countdown has officially begun! 23 April 2022 is approaching and I sure as hell dunno how to act...Thank you Heavenly Father for the endless opportunities you continue to bestow in my path! My Brand is truly blessed to work with other brands and see collaborations beyond what I could ever fathom in fruition my Heart is FULL! We launching soon Baby!"

All the bullying she endured on social media left her stronger than ever. Social media bullies tend to break a person, but Robyn made sure that she is not that person.

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A few months back, she has been involved in a quarrel which landed at the police station. Speaking to The Namibian, the young mother said she felt it was her duty to handle cyber bullies.

“I refuse to be a doormat for people who disregard people’s feelings and stand firm in making an example of the cyberbullies in my recent predicament.

“I collected all the threads of defamatory content written about me and presented it to the community police, who assisted me in contacting two culprits and asking them to publicly apologise for the false accusations they wrote about me." She told the publication.

Some of the bullying was a result of the fake accounts in her name. But she went out to clear the air on all of that, "Guys my name is not really that common for us to have the same name and almost surname since she omitted the "o" in the Nakaambo Vakwethu rest" She said.

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