Somizi Slammed For His Insensitive Joke

He simply told people to 'heal'

By  | Sep 25, 2020, 01:29 PM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Drama

One would swear that Somizi and hot water are friends as the media personality often finds himself in it. The SA Idols Judge recently found himself on the wrong side of social media following his joke that triggered many.

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Somgaga is currently living it large whilst on vacation in Durban with his best pals and his social media feeds are filled with snaps of everything pricey. In a video of he and husband Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo on vacation in KwaZulu-Natal at a nature reserve in Ematendeni, Somizi can be heard mocking his friends and describing them as poor.

Standing at the top of the tree house, Somizi looked down at his friends and jokingly screamed "hello poor people."

It was only a handful of people who found the joke funny, but a lot of people thought it was done in poor taste. He was labelled as mean and degrading especially for a public figure.

Defending himself he said the joke was directed at his friends, "I hope you understand that this was directed at my friends down there as a joke they would get. Thanks."

A comment from a tweep which said, "Yoh, poor people. That is so mean and degrading. Never expected that from you, thought u encourage and motivate people. but with all the headlines u making lately, I can believe it. disappointing

"Are you in that video? Are you one of my friends down there who are not offended by the joke? Why are you personalising this? Heal please. What and who you are has nothing to do with me," Somizi answered.

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