Sharon Tjimbundu Slams Nigerians Over Viral Clip

"The world does not revolve around you!"

By  | Mar 31, 2022, 08:14 AM  | Drama

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Sports anchor and digital creator Sharon Tjimbundu is by far one of the most acclaimed media personalities here in Nam. 

In a viral video that has been making rounds on the internet, Nigerian fans are seen streaming to the field after a football match, to chase away the Ghana players who had beat them at the 2022 Fifa qualifiers match. 

Fans from all over the world have been left shocked by the incident more so to see the violence and destruction that the fans caused all because of a football match. 

Sharon Tjimbundu is among the celebrities who have reacted to the video, by reposting the clip and slamming the Nigerian fans for such barbaric behavior. She wrote saying, “Nigerians! Wow they need to chill, the world does not revolve around them!” 


Yet another celebrity that has reacted to the video is DJ KBoz who also reposted the video mentioning that it was such an embarrassing stunt from the sore losers. Clearly this has not sat too well with football fans and we couldn’t agree more. 


This comes barely a few days after rumors spread that the sports anchor had landed herself a new bae. 

And while she did not actively confirm or deny it, fans caught her and one celebrity photographer gushing over each other online and we have to agree they would make one lovely couple. 

This was after she was mercilessly dragged for being single, with many saying that it was time she found herself a bae and get off the single market. 

This was after one of her friends took to her Insta stories to write, “It looks like me and Sharon Tjimbundu are the only single ones now. Guess it’s time to start a cunt or something.  I swear water signs are not meant for a relationship, them earth and fire signs keep winning in the relationship department. CHOMI I think we to deep for the average person, let’s accept our fate, we are Samantha from Sex and the city.”

It looks like her love life will always be a topic of interest for all her fans and we cannot wait to meet the lucky man stealing her heart away. 

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