Sharon Tjimbundu Called Out For Dressing Like A 'Hoochie Mama'

Not again!

By  | Apr 09, 2022, 12:20 PM  | Drama

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Sports presenter and media personality Sharon Tjimbundu is always making headlines especially where her love life is concerned. 

Time and time again, we have seen the media personality open up about how she has always had to explain why she is single to the public and this time, it seems the situation is not any different. 

This is after Sharon took to her Insta stories in what seems to be an innocent flashback series. 

She shared some of her videos from her past events saying that she likes to reminisce about her past so that she can be grateful of the growth she has experienced throughout her life and her career. 

It was after she was done sharing these moments, that the sports anchor opened up about how she has always been judged by the way she dresses, and how people seem to think that it is because of her dressing that she has not settled down yet. 


Sharon wrote saying, “We live in a world where people judge you based on how you dress smh… Someone told me I won’t find a husband because I dress like a ‘hoochie mama’ It’s fine I’ll change next year after I turn 26”

It is good to see that despite what has been said about her, she is choosing to look at it from a more positive approach and honestly we couldn’t be more proud of her. 

Being a celebrity is clearly not a walk in the park and it seems she has first hand experience on the negative comments one can get once they are constantly in the public space. 

This comes barely a few days after she had taken to her social media to express her displeasure at a viral video of Nigerian fans going rogue after they lost a football match. 

Sharon was one of the few celebrities who had reacted to the video saying that Nigerians should learn to chill because the world does not revolve around them. 

Being a sports media personality, we can only imagine she is used to seeing such madness on the field but this one was definitely too much even for her. 

That aside though, we can only wish her the best even as she continues to navigate in this very negative and toxic world of social media. 

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