Selma Kamanya Appalled By Colourism Comments

Miss Namibia tells Namibians to do better

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM

Miss Namibia 2018 last night got on her social media pages and finally spoke out on the current bringing topic in the entertainment industry which has to do with who takes it next. The top 30 Miss Namibia finalists were subjected to brutal insults and abuse from social media users who said they were too ugly.

The queen, on her Instagram story, congratulated the finalists for making it thus far and cautioning them of the road that lies ahead.

“Congratulations ladies, good luck to all of you who made it thus far,” she said.
A series of videos then followed where she spoke about how unbelievable it is that the very same people who supported her during her reign are the same people bashing the semi-finalists.

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“I was going through some of the comments that people left under the semi-finalist pictures and I am absolutely appalled. I honestly fail to comprehend that the same people that have been supporting me through my reign, through miss universe are the ones castigating and tearing these girls down based on a picture,” she said.

Kamanya went on and further said that due to the ridiculing comments, a semi-finalist dropped out of the competition as she could not handle the criticisms.

“I can’t even imagine how ridiculed and attacked one must feel to actually drop out of a competition that is an accomplishment in being a semi-finalist. I can’t imagine how she must be feeling,” she said.

According to the queen, this sends out a bad picture of Namibia given that the outside world already has the notion that beauty pageants are small and insignificant, proving these people right. She further went on and tackled the issue of colorism as most of the nasty comments were under the black contestants.

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“People are basing a character off a picture, of appearance and that shows how small minded we still are. Internationally if people see how we basically treat each other because this is another Namibian you are tearing down. And it’s sad to see that the girls being attacked are mostly black girls and I feel aware of that. My sisters and aunts are black,” she says.

Selma whose reign comes to an end soon concluded by speaking out on the psychological effects the shaming has. One of her projects during her reign was centered on mental health.

“This is where the mental health aspect comes in to play because you are physiologically deteriorating one's self-esteem, self-worth, and esteem. We need to do better guys. We really need to,” she says.

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