Sally Boss Madam Believes Political Leaders Should Take The Vaccine First

This is amid conspiracy theories surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine

By  | Jan 15, 2021, 12:35 PM  | Sally Boss Madam  | Drama

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Sally Boss Madam has taken to social media to weigh in her two cents on the highly anticipated COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Namibia, as the country is gearing up for it this year.

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Health Minister Dr. Kalumbi Shangula recently revealed that the country has plans in the pipeline to acquire a vaccine for 20% of the population. But already there are many conspiracy theories and misinformation surrounding the COVID vaccine. Some people are adamant that they will not take it and some are seeing no harm involved.

In a tweet, Sally Boss Madam said political leaders should be vaccinated first before the masses to ensure that the vaccine is effective. She said they should wait a month after having being vaccinated and then vaccinate people. "Out of respect, the President and the whole parliament should be the first to get the vaccine and also Dr. Itula should be the 1 give it to them for transparency and as for the rest of the public we get it after a month just to make sure everything is in order,"

A Twitter user slammed her and said she must stick to making music because there are already people assigned to deal with the distribution or approval of the vaccine. The musician clapped back at the troll and said she was joking and it was not that deep.
In other news, the musician was recently dragged after she posted a picture posing with a man with the caption "Smile and be happy always," The snap raised eyebrows on whether sis has moved on following her divorce.

A fan commented on the post and said he is disappointed by Sally for giving her smile to another man instead of K Boz. "After 10 years of being with K Boz u giving that smile to another guy I'm very disappointed in you...we love you guys as partner K Boz and sally," wrote the fan.

Sally caught wind of the comment and she did not let it slide. Homegirl was clearly agitated and decided to let her fingers do the talking. The musician dragged the fan and said "Thank you. Bt you need to hold your childish mentality and grow up.. do u know the person in that picture? And even if he was mine where does it concern u? Stop it or unfollow."

Sally recently announced that she and Kboz had been divorced a year ago and that they still remain business partners and that Kboz was an exceptional father to their son. The social media streets had been speculating that the two were no longer an item after Sally Boss Madam was spotted without her wedding rock.

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