Robyn Nakaambo Takes Action After Being Allegedly Bullied!

According to reports she went to the police to report the matter after being dragged on Twitter

By  | Apr 28, 2020, 11:53 AM  | Roybn Naakambo  | Drama

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Award-winning media personality Robyn Nakaambo, does not tolerate being a laughing stock and a victim of cyberbullying on social media. According to The Namibian Sun, the personality went to the police for help, after her fans dragged her on social media for not following anyone on Instagram.

The media personality who has 96k followers on the platform is not following anyone, so this did not sit well with some fans who dragged her on Twitter and said she is not the Beyonce of Namibia.

The #RoybnMustFall gained momentum with many lambasting her. According to The Namibian Sun she went to the police and those who spew bile on her had to publicly apologise for insulting her on social media. 

“I refuse to be a doormat for people who disregard people’s feelings and stand firm in making an example of the cyberbullies in my recent predicament.

“I collected all the threads of defamatory content written about me and presented it to the community police, who assisted me in contacting two culprits and asking them to publicly apologise for the false accusations they wrote about me." She told the publication.
Tweeps reacted to her story.

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